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Straight Blouse Cutting (With Perfect Measurement)

Straight Blouse Cutting (With Perfect Measurement) In Tamil Saree or sari is the traditional wear in South Asia especially in India. It has different ways of wearing style that depends upon the state, region and community. The sari is the most elegant and beautiful wear. It can be worn for different occasions, in different ways […]

Stone Patch Design #1 – Patch Designs

Stone Patch Design #1 – Patch Designs How To Stitch Stone Patch Design In Blouses Stitch And Decorate Your Blouse Sleeve With Stone Patches Tailoring Classes From sai fashion trends the video The importance of a well fitted and beautiful blouse is well known to every woman familiar with sarees. A saree can never look […]

Chain Stitch Embroidery

How to do the chain stitch The chain stitch is a fun and versatile embroidery stitch that can be used for outlining, adding a border, or filling hand embroidery designs. Its name reflects its appearance as each stitch is connected to the next just like links in a chain. A detached chain stitch is created […]

Sai Fashion Trends(Sai Fashion Tailor)

Ladies Tailoring And Bridal Blouse Designing Ladies Wear And Kids Garments Stitching We accommodate skilled tailors who carry a love for fashion. Added to that we employ experts who also have in-depth knowledge of the art of tailoring. We guarantee the quality of our work and promise to deliver the highest level of customer service. […]